The Rules of This Joint

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The Rules of This Joint

Post by Admin - aRt qUeen on Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:22 pm

Be polite, first and foremost.

Don't post copyrighted material without written permission of the copyright owner, which you must include if you post the stuff. Fair use rules apply for news topics, of course, which means you can quote a paragraph or two, but give the direct link to the source in your posting. Same rules for what is considered educational material: if you are exploring art or music topics for example, and you quote from an outside source ... a paragraph or two will suffice and link back to the original.

If you post your OWN material --- please include your own copyright info. This means copyright, year, and name. Protect your own intellectual property with the same care we ask you to use in protecting others' material.

Forumotion does not permit sexually explicit material, so if you wonder if something is too explicit, don't post it. They will take the forum down for any violations like this. i guess you can post links to something if it's really important, but include some type of indication that this is what your link is sending people to. They seem to be rather strong about this rule.

Forumotion doesn't permit hate speech, illegal stuff, you know the drill. Don't do it.

Don't  post people's personal information: addresses, phone numbers, things like that. And it's probably not smart to put our own information like that out on the internet either.



post interesting topics

post things to uplift one another's spirits

post things to stimulate the mind

post beautiful imagery

have fun!
Admin - aRt qUeen
Admin - aRt qUeen

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